Free cronjob for Drupal 6

You will find here free solutions to set up cron for drupal.


Cron is a tool - a job scheduler for Unix and Linux systems. Widely spread across the world thanks to a wide range of use-cases for it. Cron use 'cron jobs' to trigger the execution of any possible task e.g.: It can be used to check every 5min if there are any security updates for your system.

Drupal and cron

For drupal cron ensure continous maintanance and has to be considered as a crucial task to set up for every drupal based website. Various modules like search module, sitemap generator, feed aggregator, notification on updates require a wide range of tasks which have to be periodically executet and therefore depend on a configured cron.

Web hosting with cron feature

Unfortunatelly this is not a common situation. As a customer of multiple hosting companies in Germany and Poland, I noticed one day than none of them allow cron jobs to be configured. At least with my subscription it is not possible. Which bring us to the point why I decided to write this tutorial. Why I even ask myself how to get it done. I had to find a way to get cron set up for my drupal website without addicional cost.

My solutions for cron and drupal


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