WRT54GL + SD card

Step 1: How do I open a WRT54GL?

WRT54GL is closed in an "ugly" plastic box. This box consist of 2 parts - a blue and a black one. There are no screws, just a wide plastic bar that holds the box together. You can easily open it with your fingers. Unfortunately you will have to remove the warranty sticker. See the pictures below before you open your GL.

Step 2: The SD mod itself

The mod itself is preatty easy. There is always a plenty of space between soldering points and the rest of the board. Just take your time and do it with caution.Think twice and solder once. Below you can see some examples.

My soldering map

SD-Mod Soldering map

SD cards I used

Here are some examples of SD cards I already used.

Media Markt ebay
SD card SD card

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